Клиент установки/обновления/удаления

EaseMon клиента


  • 1. Download offline installer from Cloud Panel Device – Remote Control.
  • 2. Right click “Run-me-first.command” from the downloaded package and choose “Открытые“. Then choose “Установка” to complete the installation.

Примечание: If you can not use Right click, please hold the key “Ctrl” and click “Run-me-first.command” instead.


  • 1. Go to “Device«–»Remote Control” and click on the toggle button to switch “Remote Update” ON/OFF.
  • 2. Restart the targeted Mac, wait for 5+ minutes and restart it again.


  • Go to “Device«–»Remote Control“, select the device and choose action “Удалить«
  • Or Click “Offline Uninstaller” to download the Uninstaller onto the target Mac and run it.

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