Motorola Android 8.x Guide

Essential Settings

These Settings must be properly configured to keep iKeyMonitor working.

  1. Settings > Battery > 3-Dot Menu Button - Battery optimization > All apps > Internet Service > Don't optimize
    Set to “ON”

    battery-1 battery-2 battery-3-1

  2. Settings > Battery > Battery saver
    Set to “OFF”

    battery saver-1 battery saver-2

Other Settings

No need to change these Settings by default. But they will affect iKeyMonitor functions if changed by user.

  1. Settings > Apps & notifications > App info > Internet Service > Data usage > Background data & Unrestricted data usage
    Set to “ON”

    Data-usage-2 Data usage-3 Data usage-4

  2. Settings > Apps & notifications > Advanced > Special app access > Unrestricted data access > Internet Service
    Set to “ON”

    Special app access-3 Special app access-4

  3. Settings > Apps & notifications > App info > Internet Service > Permissions > All Permissions
    Set to “ON”

    app app-1 app-2

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